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Information Revolution and the Spiritual Formation of the African Youth: A Re-Examination of 1    Peter 2:1-2 - Efe M. Ehioghae and Maria Ehioghae

Efe M. Ehioghae and Maria Ehioghae opine that the modern information revolution at the global level has significantly influenced the African society, particularly, the youth. It has not played a positive role in their spiritual formation. The authors contend that such a situation has risen due to the neglect of the inspired counsel in 1 Peter 2:1-2. It is proposed that the African youth at this time requires the unadulterated Word of God – the agent of sanctification, the bulwark against sin, a liberating agent, and it nourishes the soul – that would ensure their healthy growth in grace.

The Probity of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement - Reginald Alva

In his article, Reginald Alva examines the renewal and reformation within the Roman Catholic tradition. He calls the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (CCRM) for a serious introspection. It is argued that for CCRM, in order to sustain its vigor and vitality within the church tradition, it is inevitable to undertake a self-evaluation based on the high ideals and standards of probity applied to those outside the movement. It is argued that by this alone CCRM would be able to achieve its goal of being the leaven in the church.

The Social Commitment of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement - Reginald Alva

In his second article, Alva contends that CCRM has impacted the life of the faithful within the Roman Catholic Church since its inception in 1967. Although it has encouraged its believers to undertake spiritual activities more actively, it has failed to address the issue of creating a social impact through their spiritual living, especially, towards the weak and disabled. The author argues that CCRM needs to recognize the love of God and love of neighbor as two axes of the spiritual existence. Hence, CCRM ought to also challenge the unjust social structures which discriminate the vulnerable groups of people in the society and its goal needs to be towards creating a more just social order i.e. a visible expression of the kingdom of God.

Are Christians More Developed and More Happy? An Indian Perspective - Chirodip Majumdar

Majumdar argues that the Christians in two states in India, Goa and Kerala are happier than others in the neighboring states. He draws the conclusion based on the fact that the subjective measures of individual’s utility are the determinants. The article seeks to identify the relationship between religion and happiness in the Indian context and concludes that Christianity as a religion has played an important role in positively influencing the life of others in the state.

Mental Health and Christian Ministry - Samuel Pfeifer

Pfeifer attempts to give an overview of Biblical perspective on mental health. He proposes seven principles of mental health care based on the Bible. He hopes that a careful application of these sevenfold principles in church context would help the entire church to provide care for the mentally burdened individuals. By this alone, he argues, that the church will be able to bring good health to our country because ‘There is no health without mental health!’

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