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The Placement of the Sixth Chapter of Isaiah and its Significance – Stephen Campbell

This examines the puzzling position of Isaiah six in the Isaiahnic text after the first five chapters. Through a new literary critical reading, Campbell argues that the sixth chapter’s position is intentional and meaningful. This chapter is about Isaiah’s call to ministry after his divine sanctification. This is symbolic of what God is going to do for the nation too, that is, after the period of apostasy, the nation will be cleansed and restored to the mission of God.

“Like Unto Us”: Perspectives on Christ’s Humanity and Ours – Sean D. House

Sean House reminds us through this article about the importance of holding on to Chalcedonean homoousia Christology for the faith and practice of Christian believers today. The Christ who is “like unto God” and “like unto us” can only be the real savior of humankind. This unique aspect of incarnation makes the salvific message of Christianity unique.

Methodological Considerations for Writing Pentecostal History in North India – Shaibu Abraham

Abraham explores the methodological considerations for writing the history of Pentecostalism in north India. He finds that some amount of works have been done on Pentecostal history in south India. However, it is not the case in north India owing to various reasons, even though in north India numerically Pentecostals may be more than other Christian groupings. He proposes that a subaltern historiographical approach may help in constructing the Pentecostals history in north India as most of the members of this church are drawn from economically and socially suppressed castes and peripheral communities.

Doctrine and Order in a Pentecostal Age: Towards a Theological Trilingualism – Steven Griffin

This article by Steven Grifin expresses the danger of what he calls a ‘monolingual theology’ (emphasis solely on Holy Spirit and power) in Pentecostalism. He therefore proposes a corrective to encourage Pentecostals to emphasize proclamation (word/doctrine) and pattern (church order) along with power (Holy Spirit) to have a proper theological trilingualism.

Living with Mobile Phones: The Myth of Technological Intimacies in Human Life – Ajay Daniel Kale

This is an interesting and timely paper which attempts to put in place a framework to understand the potentials and possibilities as well as the negative impacts of modern technologies especially communication technologies on society, individuals and communities. The author pleads that human relations (intimacies) should not be diluted to machine to machine relations.

The Ministry of Women and the Meaning of Deacons in the Church – John McKinley

This paper provides a thorough examination of the ministry of deacons in the New Testament. The author argues that it is used in a wide variety of ways for the roles played by different office bearers in the early Church. So this office need not be exclusively reserved for women and for those who take care of the physical needs of the church.

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