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Doon Theological Journal 3.2 (2006)

“Be Subject to the Governing Authorities”: Reading Romans 13:1-7 in the Matrix of Roman    Patronage - Roji T. George

This article foregrounds the patron-client relationship of the Greco-Roman world as the best means to read Romans 13:1-7. This study shows the advantages of Cultural and Sociological tools in New Testament Studies. According to him, these tools enable us to find a satisfactory solution to the apparent ambivalence in Paul’s advice to the Roman believers to confess Jesus (and not Caesar) as the Kurios and at the same time to pay tax and be subject to the Roman Kaisarios. He describes this phenomenon in terms of ‘conscientious disobedience.’ Paul appears to instruct the Roman believers to be both anti- and pro-Roman almost simultaneously.

‘Jesus the True and Living Way’- William Isley

Isley offers a strong plea for true Christian spirituality based on the scriptural understanding of Christ as the way, the truth and life (John 14:6). He explains spirituality based on truth as a participatory lifestyle of continuous discovery within the knowledge of the triune God, which is firmly anchored in the historical revelation of God to his covenant people. He makes a plea that in spirituality ‘Let us neither continue to follow modernity’s arid and dead end path nor rush into the swampy and foggy trait of contemporary spirituality, but rather follow the way of Jesus, the truth and the life, who has already gone before us to the Father and will accompany us on our journey with his Spirit.’

Calvin on Christian Suffering: Temporary Punishment or Eternal Blessing? - Mathew Ebenezer

This study on Calvin’s understanding of suffering is both informative and inspiring. This is an area that many may not look into while studying Calvin’s theology. But Ebenezer foregrounds the physical sufferings of Calvin to understand Calvin and his theology.

“Agni Kristvidya” (Fire Christology): A Comprehensive Model of Spirit Christology - Paluri Wilson

This is a pioneering study in the area of Spirit Christology by Paluri Wilson. He takes the concept of Agni from the Hindu scriptures and religious traditions and argues that this perhaps is a useful cultural category that Christians of India can explore in presenting Christ and the Christian understanding of Spirit Christology in Indian cultural context.

“A Poor Reflection as in a Mirror”: A Response to “Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements in    Post-Independent India” by George Oommen - Paulson Pulikottil

In this article, Paulson Pulikottil responds to George Oommen’s earlier article in Doon Theological Journal: ‘Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement in Post-independent India: An Appraisal’ (2.2, pp. 142-163). Here Pulikottil, unlike Oommen, responds passionately as a ‘participant scholar.’ The author not only offers a corrective to Oommen’s interpretation of Indian Pentecostalism, but he also unveils important dimensions of Indian Pentecostal history, which hitherto have not been addressed. This article intends to initiate a dialogue between ‘participant’ and ‘non-participant’ scholars so that there will be an informed understanding and awareness on the emerging and widely expanding Pentecostal and Charismatic movements and their histories in the Indian subcontinent.

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