Doon Theological Journal is abstracted in Religious & Theological Abstracts


Writers who wish to publish their works through Doon Theological Journal are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

• Doon Theological Journal (DTJ) maintains an open submission policy. The editorial board invites scholarly articles in the areas of Biblical studies, Christian theology and ethics, church history, pastoralia, mission studies, church and society, and religious and socio-cultural studies.

• While no rigidity is enforced on word limit, successful submission is expected to be ideally 6000-8000 words excluding footnotes. The author must include along with the manuscript an abstract of 200-250 words which summarizes the major thesis/argument of the article as well as a short biographical profile of the author.

• Manuscript of the articles and book reviews should be submitted in MS Word format to the Managing Editor at . The author must certify that all citations are accurate, that anything quoted or paraphrased is properly cited, and that the article/book review is the author’s own original work. Please note that books sent for reviews will be the property of DTJ and will not be returned.

• As a matter of policy, we do not publish articles whose themes are local in nature and scope. However, since DTJ is an Indian publication, we do publish scholarly works in the area of theology, philosophy, religion and culture relating to the larger Indian context.

• Papers submitted to DTJ are expected to be in broad agreement with the theological position of Doon Theological Journal which can be accessed from .

• Writers are advised to avoid technical or specialized language(s) as much as possible. Wherever technical terms are used, they must be adequately explained and wherever terms of Hebrew, Greek, or any another language seem necessary, writers are required to transliterate them into English and use them sparingly. It is highly recommended that non-native English writers have their manuscripts edited by English language experts prior to submission.

• The citations (footnotes) of the paper should conform to the latest edition (8th ed.) of A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations by Kate L. Turabian. Writers should avoid use of unsigned and untrustworthy internet materials which are not considered a reliable source for academic research. While internet is a tremendous resource, it ranges in its accuracy and reliability, and therefore writers must check the veracity of internet resources and use them carefully and sparingly.

• As a matter of policy, DTJ does not accept papers that have already been published or are scheduled to appear elsewhere. However, the editorial board might consider quality articles that are relevant and important for the Indian readers and unavailable in India. In such cases, the author should secure for DTJ the re-publication rights, statement giving such clearance as well as the details of prior publication.

• Articles submitted to DTJ are subject to peer-review. Normally, the review process takes 2-4 months depending on the availability of reviewers as well as the subject matter of the paper concerned. As soon as the review is complete, author will be intimated the publication status of the article.